September 20, 2011

Yin Yang Beans and Tomatoes

I like to try something new in the garden every year. This year I planted from seed some Yin Yang shelling beans. I am very pleased with them. Aren't they charming?

I'll be sure to do a follow up post on my meal with them.

In other news, I have more tomatoes than I could ever eat! I have made 4 pints of marinara and this morning I made 7 pints of tomato sauce to freeze.

The Roma plant is espeically productive.

These will be great in winter soups!
I have yet to harvest any chickpeas (garbonzoes), but I will keep you posted!

How is your harvesting and preserving going?


  1. Love the beans and have never heard of them before,

  2. Those beans are beautiful! We grew some shelling beans as well. They are currently in paper sacks waiting to be shelled. Maybe in a couple of months I will get to those and post about them! :)

  3. I wish I had that many tomatoes! I've been mooching them from my mom's garden and buying them at the farmer's market. I made roasted tomato soup with them last weekend. Yum.


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