October 22, 2011

Mima Mounds

I decided to head north for a few days and this was my first stop, not far off of I-5. I read about it and thought it sounded intriguing. Re-reading this information, I think I might have missed an opportunity to take a longer hike around the preserve. I think I might try to go back in the spring to see all the wildflowers and take the longer hike. I walked the short paved trail that stays on one side of the preserve and goes through a woodland on the edge. You need a Washington State Discover Pass to visit.

The forecast predicted rain, but this is just one of my many lucky breaks...sunshine!

When I first read online that the mounds might be caused by prehistoric gophers, I thought it was a joke. Then I thought of my mom and figured she should be happy she doesn't have these mounds to contend with!

Too late for wildflowers, this was the only one I saw:


This ground lichen (my name) was everywhere and very interesting. I wonder what it is called. I have never seen this before and there was so much of it.

The preserve is being restored to a savannah. Signs indicate it is a work in progress.

Fungus in the woodland.

The brown ones below were itty bitty and growing out of a stump.

As I was walking the quiet paved trail I was startled to hear twigs cracking. I think he was startled too:

How do I know it was a "he?" Look closely:

Such a beauty.

Next: Olympia and moving further north.


  1. Looks like you're having a splendid time. I've never visited the Olympic Peninsula......good for you for getting up there! See you tomorrow night!

  2. What an odd sight. I love someone to go over it with an xray or something to see if it was just that. It almost looks like a burial ground.. The photos are beautiful

  3. What an interesting place! I love all the different plants and fungus and stuff. I'm psyched to see where you're going next!


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