October 09, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was the first day of Ridgefield's Birdfest and Bluegrass. There was bluegrass happening all over town. This jam session was happening out in the fall sunshine. I enjoyed a few minutes during my break from selling our photos.

Kids were making bird nests and other crafts.

When I got home in the afternoon I worked in the garden and took a few minutes to catch some of the late afternoon fall sunshine.

I just love the seed pods on the Crocosmia. The flowers in the background pick up the seed pod colors.

Hope you had some sunshine to enjoy this weekend.


  1. My son and I enjoyed a family bird walk at Ridgefield this morning... saw lots of great stuff. A little wet, but it wasn't pouring...

  2. That kind of festival should get Steve Martin there...don't ya think?

  3. Oh I forgot about the birdfest! Looks like it was a good time... I am definitely dreaming of that sunny weather today.

  4. What festive autumn pictures! I especially love the blue and yellow flowers. Are they johnny jump-ups?


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