October 26, 2011

Thank You John Wayne

I woke Saturday to find it wet, dark, and cloudy. The plan was to go to Sequim and Dungeness NWR. I would not be deterred.

This is a pullout on the way:

First stop was John Wayne Marina near Sequim. I really liked this place! Sadly it was very foggy:

But the bird viewing was nice, I could walk Maggie and it was quiet and pleasant. And clean restrooms.

There was a mess of birds. Dark blobs on a dark beach.

But now I have learned those were Black-bellied Plovers! (at least I think they are)

This was a treat to see---Eurasian Collared-Doves. They are becoming more prevalent, but I rarely see them. It appeared there was a flock of 6 or so.

"Get off my lawn."

A sassy gull.

To skip ahead, I returned to the marina on the way home and found the clouds had lifted a bit.

A kingfisher was flying around, but I missed photographing him.
The clouds parted and a rainbow appeared.

A couple were watching the birds and told me there were Heermann's Gulls down there. I believe them. They had a scope. They too had seen the Doves.

Back to the journey....after my first stop at the John Wayne Marina, I continued to Sequim and to the Dungeness NWR. On the road into the refuge I stopped at a park. I think it is county run. I could walk Maggie here and get her tired out so she could stay in the car in the refuge.

The short trail goes along a bluff overlooking the ocean.

It was very scenic and the clouds were burning off! Sequim in known to be one of the driest places in the peninsula.

Too many photos, so next time I'll show you the Dungeness NWR!


  1. I love this series of posts. I am planning a birding trip to the Port Townsend area this winter and am taking notes on cider and birding locations.

  2. Super photos..not to many! :) I need to get back there..LOVE IT

  3. Sarah- You will have a great time. The FinnRiver Cidery had a map with other wineries in the area that you could easily see in a day. Also, this site was good for right around PT: http://www.admiraltyaudubon.org/Birding/BIRDsites.pdf
    Are you affiliated with the Village Biophilia :) If so, I will watch for his posts about your trip!

  4. I laughed out loud at the sassy gull- that was quite a face it was making!


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