November 13, 2011

Appreciating Autumn

We have had a relatively dry autumn and I have enjoyed some time outside. Today promised rain, but it never came and Maggie and I went out for a walk at Greenway Park. Greenway Park is Maggie approved.

Oaks and Maples of all types.

Hidden fairy lands.

Back at home I managed a nice mid-November harvest of carrots, lettuce, and kale. I am pleased to still be able to eat from the garden.

This week's soup (I seem to be on a weekly soup trend) is Masala Vegetable Stew. I saw the recipe in a very old Vegetarian Times magazine and scribbled it down. But I found a link for you if you want to give it a try. I think it will be good with some homemade chapatis.

Photo pre-cilantro garnish--which is very worth it. Yum!


  1. What a pretty walk. Don't you just love autumn?

  2. I love all your pretty fall colors and mushrooms and fairy lands... On Saturday I used your tips on cooking a pumpkin and spent hours chopping, baking, and pureeing my way-too-big pumpkin. Made a curried pumpkin corn chowder and it's delicious! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jen- that sounds awesome! Good for you. I might have to look for a recipe like that. I like the curry pumpkin combo idea. It is soup season....

  4. I sure do hate see winter coming, what with the long one we had last year. But I guess one consolation are the wonderful colors you captured in your photos!


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