November 01, 2011

Blending In

All the winter residents are showing up as well as the usual feeder visitors.
The Juncos and other ground birds are enjoying all my flowers that are going to seed. This Junco is eating the quinoa seeds.

I noticed that all the birds are the same color as the landscape, hence my blog title.

The Anna's Hummers are ruling the garden now. I have seen two feisty ones fighting over the remaining flowers. I have two feeders going to keep them satisfied.

The Golden-crowned Sparrows showed up a couple of weeks ago. I love their eerie song.

I was very excited to see this guy yesterday! Almost every year I get one or two White-throated Sparrows. There he is! I am not certain, but I think I might have seen another one. As I looked at this photo I wondered if I saw one that looked a bit different. Time will tell.

This striking male was enjoying one of the feeders. I took the photo through the window in the sunshine so I got a bit of an echo on his colors. What a beauty!

The Northern Flickers are still visiting regularly. They love the suet.

This Golden-crowned Sparrow is part of the suet clean-up crew.

I occasionally see this White-crowned Sparrow looking for seeds.

Golden-crowned Sparrow enjoying a bath.

**Blending In**


  1. Such pretty birds and beautiful photography. :-)

  2. You have captured many of the birds that visit my garden. I love the little Juncos. They have just arrived here. Balisha

  3. I like the "blending in" theme! It worked so well for all of these birds... That male Anna's is stunning!

  4. I found my way over here from i used to hate birds, and love the theme of this post with the corresponding, blending photos. I'm especially fond of Spotted Towhees so that shot is a new fave.


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