December 29, 2011

Food, Birds and Crochet

This post title about sums up my life lately. I haven't been out taking many photos, since I work in retail and my schedule has been wacky. The rains have finally started here, so who knows how much I'll be getting out now.

I have been watching the birds in my yard a lot lately. (Right now I can see four Mourning Doves out there.) There have been a lot of Juncos and the other usual suspects.

This is was my last project. I like the pattern, but found the red yarn bled when I blocked it. Arg. I'm sure it will turn pink when washed.

I made a new dish the other day that everyone loved. It is a beet dip and I lightly steamed some collard greens to make wraps. It is very tasty. I used almonds instead of walnuts in it. And a bit of agave since I didn't have the molasses they called for.

In other news, our photo business made enough money this year for me to get a macro lens (!!!!). Here are a few of my first attempts at using it in the backyard.

This crabapple is smaller than a raisin.

Fun. Fun. Fun!


  1. I really love that last photo! Congrats on the new lens and don't forget to stop and take a breath when all the retail craziness is gone.

  2. Ooh macro is fun! Love all the garden shots... Congrats on the moola from your photos! I'm curious where you had the notecards made- I'm not interested in selling them, but I'd love to make some for my mom... Happy early New Year!

  3. That beet dip sounds absolutely wonderful! And your latest project is very pretty. Sorry to hear the red didn't hold up well. Congrats on your photo business and the new lens. I know you will put it to good use. Best wishes for the new year, Tammy


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