January 01, 2012

5th Annual Ridgefield Auto Tour

Today I visited Ridgefield NWR with some friends. It was our annual New Year's Day trip. We saw 36-38 species, which is higher than some years, but about average. The weather was perfect- partly sunny and no rain!

Tundra Swans

Cacklers and Swans

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Bewick's Wren

Love his markings in this photo.

Below- Do you see him???? Look closely....

He was catching bugs in the cobwebs and eating them.
A sunlit beauty.

A sunlit cutie.

Marsh Wren

It wouldn't be Ridgefield without seeing a Great Blue Heron or two. This one was doing the ole dunk the vole in the water trick. I guess they go down better that way.

A wisp of Wilson's Snipe

Peregrine Falcon!!!

Northern Shoveler


This is one of my favorite photos of the day. This could be a Subaru ad if I had planned better. This is my friend Laura's Birding Companion and their new dog Choco, a birdwatching dog in training. He was on his first trip to Ridgefield. He smells Coyotes.

After a long hard morning of birdwatching, we went to our traditional restaurant on the Columbia river for tator tots.....

.... a nice view, and good company.


  1. Hooray! Great photos! Love my dog's portrait ;)

  2. Looks like a great trip but now I am craving tater tots!! The heron with the vole is awesome. Choco looks pretty cute, glad to finally see him.

  3. Loved these photos -- they are so clear I can see feathers. And so many birds I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. Super photos! I loved the Golden crowned kinglet and Great Blue Heron shots and the photo of the dog and birder.
    Looks like a great time.
    Never heard of a restaurant serving tater tots, I used to make them from frozen many years ago.

  5. Looks like a great day to be out. Nice photos, as always.

  6. Good pics of good birds - Happy New Year Michele!

  7. Looks like a great visit to the refuge. The swans are beautiful, great flight shots. And I love the cute kinglet, and both the wrens. Cool capture of the heron and I love the cute dog too. Wonderful photos. Happy Birding!


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