February 20, 2012


The Coyotes put on a good show today at Ridgefield. I watched these two for about thirty minutes and took about 150 photos. Somehow I filtered it down to 20 to share with you.
At first I saw only one, but then a companion came into view.


There was a a lot of jumping and pouncing. They were both very successful and I saw them capture at least 2 voles each. I wonder how many they eat a day.

I was fascinated by how they eat the vole.

The one closest to me was digging to get to a vole. I suspect he pounced on it and injured it and it was just under the soil. He pounced and dug in that area for a while before becoming successful and eating it.

Such beautiful creatures. I just love watching them.

I have a series of Northern Harrier photos to share next time, and some random photos from this trip as well.


  1. These are amazing - the photos and the animals! I do love to watch them hunt, and you've done a wonderful job of capturing that enthusiasm and energy. By the way, I hate the new Word Verification. It has made commenting almost not worth while. You might think about eliminating it.

  2. Thanks Carole! I've noticed that too. I'll eliminate it and see how much spam I get.

  3. Amazing captures of these animals in action!

  4. YOu're having better and better luck with them! I contemplated chewy voles whilst eating my gardenburger and decided I prefer the burger. Love all the pounce shots....amazed you whittled it all down to just 20.

  5. Awesome series of photos! Love them all- those voles look huge!

  6. Fabulous shots and I would like to hire one of those rodent eaters for my house as I saw the rogue mouse running across the kitchen yesterday morning and none of my dogs even noticed!

  7. Fabulous pictures and animals! I adore, adore, adore coyotes! Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, we did try the raw sap and it's a bit sweet - not like syrup of course but good. :)


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