February 08, 2012


We have had a bunch of sunny weather up till today. It's just a teaser though. I'm sure we have lots more rain in store.

You might think this sunny weather has gotten me out and about taking photos, but actually I have been taking advantage of getting my garden ready for spring so I have been home working when I can= weeding, spreading mulch and prepping veggie beds.

The sunshine made the crocus all open up nicely.

Witch Hazel

Sarcococca-- wish you could smell this one! Started blooming a few weeks ago and smells so good. The birds even like the little black berries it produces.


Maggie has been concerned about a dog next door. The neighbors must be dog sitting because I have heard one in the yard. This is unusual and Maggie must investigate.


  1. Totally jealous you are in the garden already!

  2. Ooh your flowers are looking good!


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