March 21, 2012

Columbia Gorge

I drove out into the Gorge yesterday hoping if I drove far enough I could get out of the rain. No such luck. I drove 250 miles to take 40 boring photos. Bleh.

I do plan to return in a month or two when the wildflowers are blooming at the Tom McCall Nature Preserve. That area looked really nice (even in the rain).

This is a viewpoint off Hwy 14 on the Washington side. Pretty darn cloudy.

Near the Tom McCall Nature Preserve

Don't be fooled by the color in this photo. The sky was gray, gray, gray.

This somewhat spooky church was on on Hwy 206 south of Biggs Junction.

I barely got out of the car before turning right around and heading home. So much for a great first day of spring. But I do want to return to this area on a sunnier day!


  1. I actually love the "spookiness" of that last old church photo. With the barren trees and gray sky. Sorry blogger for some sites isn't letting me post as me - this is MTWaggin.

  2. Sorry to hear about your uneventful trip... That church is pretty cool though. Did you go inside? At least the rain is gone for now... Good morning snow!

  3. Rainy or cloudy, those are still pictures of beautiful country. I live in a small town in Indiana -- flat. And about like looking at macaroni and cheese every day. Wishing you the beautiful days you seek, but I enjoyed the misty shots of that beautiful country.


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