March 19, 2012

Things I Noticed

...while weeding the garden. The good thing about weeding is you get up close to things. I have been noticing leaf skeletons and yesterday I got out the macro lens to take some photos.

I was down on my knees taking photos and I heard a rustling in the bushes and looked up in the bush. I was expecting a Scrub Jay or two, but look who was watching me!!!

I ran to the house to change my lens. Then ran to the shed to scatter some millet on the ground below the bush. After a bit, he came down and started in on the millet. He didn't let me get very close and was leary of me. He scurried into the brush, but came back out after a while.

If the leaf skeletons were to dark and dreary, here are some signs of Spring in the garden.

Spring starts in 9 hours.

I saw the first of the year Band-tailed Pigeon in the yard today.
This morning I visited Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens and I will start Spring off with a bunch of colorful photos for you.


  1. Fantastic photos ! I love gardening and weeding I find it very theroputic as is photography for me ! We have had summer like temps seems we have by passed spring and gone right into summer all my plants and bushes are close to blooming I cant wait to put my perenials in now ! Have a great day !

  2. The leaf skeletons are awesome.. And the quail is back! You have a new friend for sure. Jealous of all your feeder birds and gorgeous flowers, and psyched to see your Crystal Springs photos.


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