April 10, 2012

Around the Garden

Here are some random photos from my garden. With all the sunshine lately, I can hardly put down the camera.

American Goldfinch- probably keeping an eye out for the hawk that has been around.
Some macros---

Grape Hyacinth


Viburnum- I wish you could smell this!

Viola- I like the fuzzy center

Flowering Currant

Can't remember the name of this tree/plant. The itty bitty flowers smell like tic tacs. This bug seemed to like the flower nectar.

Tiny lichen


Oregon Grape


  1. That lichen shot is very cool. Nice closeups. - Sherry (MTWaggin)

  2. Your garden is absolutely delightful. What wonderful pictures! Thank you.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who can't put the camera down! Awesome photos, love the Oregon grape one especially. Oh and also the creeper on your header is awesome!


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