April 28, 2012

Hawk Hubbub

A few days ago I was sitting on the patio talking on the phone and I saw a hawk swoop in and land in the trees. It was fairly concealed and I couldn't see it well from where I was sitting. I didn't want to get up to get binoculars for fear of spooking it. After a bit it flew into another tree and suddenly there was squealing and commotion. The hawk had nabbed a bird from the tree. It then flew to the ground with the bird in it's talons. It's wings were all flared out and it had the bird and it was watching me. At this point I got up to get the binoculars and Maggie snuck out the door and made the hawk fly. He dropped the bird. I think it might have been a Towhee- boy was it squealing! The hawk flew to the power line. I had to find the memory card for my camera, then I snapped off a few photos before it took off. Quite the scene.

Is it a Coopper's? I always have trouble telling. (or Sharp-shinned?)

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  1. The tail in second photo looks rounded...I'm guessing Cooper's.


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