April 09, 2012

Nesting Season

Every year Chickadees use my bird house. One year bumblebees took over, but other than that, it gets occupied. I think one time Chestnut-backed Chickadees started to use it, but Black-capped Chickadees always end up with it. On Friday I noticed a CB Chickadee cleaning out the wood shavings and yesterday they were looking it over again. Hopefully I have some renters.


  1. Pretty chickadee and I love the birdhouse! Keep us posted on the renters :) - Sherry in MT

  2. Ooh I hope they decide to move in! That bird house is awesome- did you make it or buy it?

  3. Jen- I got the house at Backyard Bird Shop. It was birch, but over the years it has fallen off and I had to put a metal plate over the hole because squirrels chewed on it. The birds don't seem to mind the shabbiness though! Thanks for the nice comments!


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