April 14, 2012

Random Photos

A few lingering photos from the last week.
On my way to my grandpa's house I stopped at Salish Ponds out by Gresham. Nothing much noteworthy, but I did see some Bushtits building a nest.

My grandpa lives on the Sandy River, so we always walk down to the river and look around.


  1. Beautiful ! Have a good weekend !

  2. Does the bushtit nest hang straight down free style or is it around a branch? Quite an accomplishment however they do it. I love it when you take a walk!

    1. The nest is kind of woven around some branches and it hangs. The entrance hole is near the top. They have the eggs in the bottom and when the babies hatch the whole thing jiggles with baby excitement. It is adorable! Thanks for the nice comments!

  3. Ooh I saw some Bushtits making a nest last week at Smith & Bybee- I went back the other day and it looks complete. I'll have to check back for some baby jiggles!


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