April 22, 2012

Sunrise to 9am=300 photos

But I narrowed it down to a mere 28 for you.

I got up before dawn to check the time for sunrise. I timed it so I would be at Pittock Mansion at 6am. The sky was clear and it was a beautiful sunrise.

Mt. Hood

Then I headed out to Sauvie Island. I drove the loop before going to Wapato Greenway. A light fog was rising off the ground and very picturesque.

There were nine Egrets.

At Wapato, the official greeter was in attendance.

One of the herd of deer I spooked.

Red-breasted Sapsucker making a nest

Wood Duck

The early morning woods smell wonderful. Different than daytime woods.

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Song Sparrow

Pied-billed Grebe

Bewick's Wren

Butter Butt

And the greeter wished me farewell. (How did I know it was the same bunny? When I zoomed in on the photo I see he has the same notched ear.)


  1. these are amazing photos! such good light in the morning. did you get a chance to see the meteor shower when it was still dark out?

    1. Thank you! I got up and looked at the sky around 2 am and there were too many high clouds. By the time I got up to Pittock, there was too much light in the sky. Did you?

  2. Gorgeous! The foggy sheep might be my favorite.


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