April 08, 2012

Whitaker Ponds Nature Park

I have been seeing photos of Great Horned Owlets at Whitaker Ponds. I asked Christian if he could describe where I might find them and he was kind enough to send me a map.

It was perfect weather! I found the tree he said he had seen them in and I looked and looked and no owls! I saw some pellets under the tree so I figured I must be looking at the right tree.

I decided to walk around the pond and take another look when I got back.

On the trail I heard some hummer noise and looked up and saw this!! At first I saw two perched next to each other which is really rare, then I realized what was going on. An Anna's hummingbird fledgling was being fed by the mother!

I decided to wait and watch the fledgling and see if I could witness another feeding. This park is in a very industrial area and I was on one side of a fence and there was another fence behind the bird. The little guy looked like he was in prison in my photos.

I was able to move down the fence line and get a better view.

I waited about 15 minutes and I heard the mom coming. When the fledgling heard her he got really excited.

I continued around the trail. Back at the entrance a male Anna's Hummingbird was enjoying the quince.

I walked back to the tree where the owls were reported. Still no owls. I decided to start scanning other trees and I saw something that looked like a hornets nest, but instead it was a fluffy owl!

And then I saw two!

I was really excited to finally find them!

The weather was so pretty that I went over to Smith-Bybee Lakes too. I didn't see a lot, but it was a nice walk.

The turtles were out basking in the sun, just like I did when I got home.


  1. Fantastic photos ! Have a Happy Easter !

  2. I am so in love with the shot of the excited hummer fledgling. And the bewick's wren shot is marvelous--I'm such a sucker for wrens. What a successful day you had!

  3. Loving your wonderful blog and photos!

  4. What an amazing day and great finds! Isn't it just super to come across those totally unexpected photo ops! So glad you got to share them. - Sherry in MT

  5. The hummingbird feeding shots are awesome! And I'm so glad you found the owls... They're so stinkin adorable. Great post!

  6. I really enjoyed the walk with you. Wonderful photos!

  7. How cool that Anna's are successfully nesting despite the crazy weather!


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