May 03, 2012

Around the Garden

Every time I check the pond I see my frog. He likes the shallow end with all the slime. I scooped out a bunch of the algae. Every spring it gets like this. One evening I could hear him ribbitting. He has a pleasant ribbitt.


First Orange-crowned Warbler of the year.

You can almost see the orange in this photo.

This color combo makes my brain ache. I didn't plant the azalea, but it sure is on fire.

Tiny figs are developing.

This might be the last year for this tulip clump. Only one bloomed. Nearly black, they are one of my favorites.

Violas in full bloom.


  1. Fantastic photos . Have a great day !

  2. Marvelous images here, a person after my own heart! We share sensibilities for sure. I love the baby birds in the nest. Just adorable. And the photography is very good, good eye and detail.


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