May 09, 2012

Birds, Veggies, and My Dog

I had to share this photo. Lots of flicker action at the feeder lately.
Northern Flickers sharing the suet.
 I spent all day Monday in the veggie garden. I planted lettuce and broccoli starts, carrot and onion seeds and admired the chard, peas, and potatoes that are coming along. I'll get some tomatoes and cucumbers in soon too.
Violas and Swiss Chard make a nice combo.
 I planted celery last year and it overwintered and is so robust! I have never grown it and I'm amazed at how it just keeps going. It has kind of a strong flavor, but it tastes good in soups.
Spring Veggie Garden

Can you see Maggie in my jungle of a garden?

Maggie's latest thing is to run straight to the pond to flush the bullfrog. I watched her almost touch her nose to him and then he hopped in the water. She is OBSESSED with the frog and wades in sniffing for him. Then she proceeds to drink slimy frog pond water. Mmm.. l'eau grenouille (frog water).

I wonder what a bullfrog smells like to a dog.

Frog obsessed

Sniffing out the bullfrog.
My good dog.

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  1. Ha, I can't believe she doesn't just eat the frog! Or is the frog super fast? Jealous of all your veggies, looks awesome too!


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