May 11, 2012

Friday Evening in the Garden

A beautiful evening! Maggie and I went for a long walk and came home to take photos in the garden (me) and stalk the bullfrog (Maggie).

I found one of these inside my sliding glass door and two on a bird feeder. Maybe they just hatched? I looked them up and they are Boxelder Bugs. I hope you aren't tired of macro shots.

For perspective- that is a screw head below him.

And in case you are like me and must see him even closer- here is a cropped photo.

Taunting the dog

Ornamental Strawberry 'Lipstick'

Mazus reptans- a tiny groundcover


Spanish Lavender with evening sun coming through the fence in the background

Relaxing after flushing the bullfrog.
Baby Jays- Thursday, Day 12

Friday, Day 13. They squawked at me a bit. I hope I can get a video of that soon. Their eyes are more open today than usual too. They are getting thier "Jay-ness."
The 'Birder's Handbook' says they will fledge on day 18 or 19. Hard to imagine they will only be in the nest a few more days!


  1. Love the baby jays...I will miss them...

  2. Those babies are so ugly it's impressive. I really like that first shot of the box elder bug. Def not sick of the macro shots!

  3. A great set of pictures. The chives are gorgeous. Please post a photo when it is fully bloomed. I don't know if I've ever seen the flower before. It is amazing how quickly the jays are growing -- fledging at 18 days seems so soon and yet the nest is stuffed full of them now. Love the bugs and flowers, taunting frog and maggie and all of them.

  4. Those jays stole my heart! Love them and the boxelder bugs! :)

  5. Love that you can see on the first bug photo that your depth of field is only a half an inch wide...the focus on the board gives it away. Very nicely done!

    Think you found something magical with the Jay babies.

    Your photos just keep getting better!



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