May 29, 2012

Garden Birds and Blossoms

One May 24 I spotted the two Scrub Jay fledglings.
They have been bouncing around in the bushes staying well hidden. He is 22 days old here.
I hope to see them coming to the feeders soon so I can share more of their progress.
The stubby tail is adorable.

The parents stay up high to keep an eye on the yard and potential threats.

I removed the nest from the bush yesterday. Isn't it a work of art?
Most of the inner lining was collected from a hanging basket planter I have.

Bumblebees are all over the place. I see the regular yellow and black ones and these smaller
 Orange-rumped Bumblebees. This species is notorious for nesting in bird houses.

I am in love with this flower combo! Clematis and Papaver somniferum (opium poppy).

At first I was annoyed with ugly tomato cage (I have it to keep the naughty dog off a plant)
in this photo, till I saw what the hummer did next.

A perfect perch.

I have suspected the Black-capped Chickadees chose a wren house in the front yard to nest in.
 I have been seeing them around it when I come and go.
 It's not in a convenient place for me to keep an eye on, but
this morning I noticed the pair busily hitting the suet feeder and the seed feeder.
 I snuck around to the front yard to see if I could see them go
 into the house. I am certain they have hatchlings in the house now.


  1. The stubby scrub-jay tail is awesome and so is that nest. Pretty impressive work. A yellow lab at my work killed one of those orange-rumped bumblebees last week. It was sad but also cool to look at it close up without worry. Any luck catching your frog?

  2. the jays have decimated my hanging baskets in their quest for nest material as well. they love that coconut fiber!

  3. What a great set of photos! That iris is droolworthy. Gorgeous! Loved seeing babe scrub jay. you said you took the nest out of a bush. I thought it was on your roof. Did it fall out or was it always low to the ground and will they use it next year? It's beautiful. Everything is beautiful!

    1. The nest was in the top of a rhododendron bush. I had to get the ladder to take photos though. I took it out of the bush- they will rebuild next year.

  4. Aw, stubby Scrubby. Such activity going on in your yard!


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