May 27, 2012

Jenkins Estate to Jackson Bottoms

I started at Jenkins Estate this morning. I had heard that Red Crossbills were seen there yesterday. I didn't see any, but I was glad I went. I have never explored this park and it is beautiful. There are wooded trails as well as a tended gardens.

Bushtit entering nest

Purple Finch


Raindrops on Lady's Mantle


My favorite find of the day. This little bird was wiggling around trying to form the nest the way she wanted it.

The little nest builder. Hutton's Vireo?? I need help with ID on this one.
Jackson Bottoms:::

Hooded Merganser family

Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat female

Hidden hummer

Cedar Waxwing


  1. Fantastic photos . What a beautiful place ! Have a wonderful evening !

  2. CEDAR WAXWING?! I am envious. Maybe you'll summon them tomorrow..

    For what it's worth, I agree with your vireo ID.

  3. What a beautiful place for birding. The flowers are gorgeous and I love the cute bird in the nest. The Merganser family is a cool sighting. Wonderful post and photos. Have a Happy Memorial Day.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos. What beautiful woods, gardens and feathered friends.

  5. Ooh I missed this post- love the little Purple Finch head and a vireo on a nest! So cool. That swallow on the fence- is that a Northern Rough-winged?!

    1. I thought it might be and Laura confirmed that it very well could be. Cool!


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