May 28, 2012

Ridgefield:::Kiwa Trail

Had a perfect morning birding the Kiwa Trail with three of my favorite birder girls. Lots of great birds were seen and laughs were had. My official tally was 48 species.

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Black-headed Grosbeak

Red-winged Blackbird

Cedar Waxwing

Cinnamon Teal.
Quoting Robin- "He is spicy!"

Red-winged Blackbird

Violet Green Swallows

Blue-winged Teal!!!

Wilson's Snipe were everywhere- displaying and calling- even perched in trees and on stumps.

Definitely my favorite bird of the day.

Tree Swallow

Marsh Wrens were all over the place.
(These photos are for you, Robin!)

Be sure to pop over to Jen's great birding blog and see more of our outing. She will most likely post some photos soon.


  1. Those Marsh Wrens are fierce! Just the way I like 'em. As always, fantastic shots! I get all giddy reliving the many wrens, waxwings, and swallows. Heaven!

    Such a lovely morning. Such lovely birding companions. Thanks again. :)

  2. Thanks for the pictures! Good times were had by all, but especially by the snipe, I think.

    1. I think he was looking for a good time!

  3. Haha, I agree that the snipe may have been having the best of times. Great stuff, I will post some photos later on tonight (right now the dogs are desperately trying to drag me to the dog park). Definitely a fun morning, I'm so glad we went!

  4. How totally FUN! So glad you shared those photos and you got some amazing shots!

  5. This was so much fun to see. Wonderful nurturing area for the birds. A buffet of pictures for us!


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