May 01, 2012

Scrubbies- Day 2 & 3

The first two photos are from Monday, Day 2. I am counting Sunday as Day 1 since they must have just hatched- they are so wee!

This evening I checked on them. The lighting was poor- and I spooked the mama off the nest. I felt guilty, but I know she will be right back to warm them. The weather has turned cold again and I bet she has to spend a lot of time sitting on the featherless beasts.
Day 3:

I think there are three. I was sad to see the pretty blue egg gone. Either it hatched or she removed the egg. I looked around on the ground hoping I'd get lucky. I wanted that egg.

Here is a photo of my ladder for peeking. I have keep it in place so I can easily climb up and take photos.

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  1. I can really understand how nature works things. On that third picture down I have the urge to give them food. Must really be an imperative for the parents! Soon they will be fluffy and warmer, but even hungrier. Bless them.


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