June 05, 2012

Bishop's Close

I visited Bishop's Close Monday afternoon. I'd forgotten what a hidden gem this place is- so relaxing and pretty. I was first introduced to this garden by a co-worker who tended the gardens, then later through a horticulture class. Walking the gardens is like a horticulture quiz for me.

Sassafras tree- Look closely and you will see three different shaped leaves.
One leaf is a typical leaf shape, one is a mitten, and one is three lobed. Love that.

A long trail follows the cliff above the Willamette River.

This Wilson's Warbler didn't want to come out for a photo.

Paperbark Maple.

Bewick's Wren


Her own private oasis.

So camouflaged.

Spotted Towhee

Song Sparrow


  1. Looks wonderfully tranqil . Beautiful photos . Have a good day !

  2. Ooh awesome! Love the critters- the snail and the newt especially...

  3. Nice. What a beautiful place! I need to visit there sometime.

  4. That snail is gnarly. Love the wren, as always.


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