June 11, 2012

Mt. Talbert & Oaks Bottom

I met a couple of friends at Mt. Talbert. (Thanks Laura and Mark!) We got a relatively late start for birding, but enjoyed a nice woodsy walk.

I thought this sapsucker was feeding babies because I could hear baby birds, but now I'm not so sure.
In the next photo it looks as if he is removing debris from the cavity.

Boys always like to touch icky things.

On the way out we heard, then found this! Too bad he was so far away and backlit.
After Mt. Talbert, I stopped by Oaks Bottom for a few minutes. It was nearly noon and pretty quiet. (Except for the screaming kids in the amusement park. Note to self- get to Oaks Bottom before the park opens and the kids arrive.)

Then I went home and ate my first fresh garden raspberries of the season. So good.


  1. "Boys always like to touch icky things." Bahah! Love it. You are on quite the birding tour lately--I am envious!

    1. You might have been right about your initial reaction. Parents remove "icky stuff" from nests.


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