June 18, 2012


I got a late start and didn't make it up to Ridgefield till almost noon. I wasn't sure if I'd see much. I decided to go there in case the rains started. I got lucky- no rain and lots of fun sightings.

Savannah Sparrow

Goldfinch Trifecta

Red-winged Blackbird

Those white things are Egrets.

Red-tailed Hawk

A coyote came wandering down the road and walked right by my car. He didn't seem very concerned about me. He was more interested in finding his next meal in the grasses.

I didn't plan to walk the whole Kiwa Trail, but the weather was warm and beautiful and no one else was parked at the trail. It was perfect!

Black-headed Grosbeak

Pacific Wren (I think).  Probably House Wren.

I'm sure someone reading this can tell me what this is.
I'm not even going to try to figure it out. See his mugshot below.
Thanks to Sarah and John- Western Wood-Pewee.

Tree Swallow

The best thing I saw all day was lurking under the end of this bridge,
acting very troll-like (grunting sounds) and making lots of noise.

Virginia Rail!!!

There was a lot of chatter and I finally realized that the parent had chicks in the reeds. I got a couple of flashes of tiny, 3" black fluffballs zipping around. Oh I wish I could have gotten a photo!

Doing the trail cross. I love that!
If you want to see what the chicks look like- I found some photos here. Adorable.

So glad I drove up today. It might be the last time I visit the Kiwa this season. I just know mosquitoes will be out soon.


  1. The flycatcher looks like a Western Wood-Pewee. I would love to see baby rails! Was it pretty buggy out there?

  2. I agree that the flycatcher is a Western Wood-Pewee. I think your wren is a House Wren (light undersides with no barring). Great shots as always.

  3. Awesome! That coyote is sure looking straggly (is that a word?). Virginia Rail chicks=totally rad!

  4. Rail crossing!!!!! Did you take your lawn chair and wait?

    1. No, but I swear, some day I will!!

  5. Your second-to-last photo looks like a Common Yellowthroat, and I concur with the Western Wood-Pewee and House Wren ID's. We visited Ridgefield NWR (River 'S' Unit) on June 20, and saw the same species. Also enjoyed some great views of Bald Eagles, Cinnamon Teal, White-breasted Nuthatch, Bushtit, Northern Flicker, Northern Waterthrush, Cedar Waxwings, Black-capped Chickadees, Bewick's and Marsh Wrens. Heard Sora and Common Loon.


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