July 25, 2012

Around the Garden

A few photos from the last week.

Pineapple Tomatillo blossom. These tomatillos are like a fruit and
 so good. I first found them at a farmers market last year
and bought a pint every week. This year I am growing them.

Lesser Goldfinch seem to like to eat the sunflower leaves.
See holes?

This odd looking juvenile Northern Flicker showed up recently.
I showed the photo to a couple of friends and they think
there may be some Yellow-shafted genes in him.
What do you think?

Giant Lilies with Maggie.
Wish you could smell them! (the flowers that is, although
I'm sure Maggie would like the attention)


  1. Nice macros! It does look like that Flicker has some hybrid going on, very cool.

  2. Lovely photos . May I make a suggest here ? If you wouldn't mind taking the word verification off your comments it would be easier for us to make comments . I wear glasses for the computer and even I cant make them out most of the time ! If not then I will do my best to find one that can be scrambled . Have a great day !


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