July 06, 2012

Garden Birds (and Butterfly)

The yard has been filled with a nice variety of birds and a lot of young ones.

I hope this is one of "my Scrub Jays". For weeks I have not seen the juveniles,
and then two showed up. I thought maybe they had become a meal for a hawk.

Young Spotted Towhee below and young Junco on tray.

Lesser Goldfinch female

Mourning Dove

Northern Flicker and Downy Woodpecker-
I haven't seen any juvenile woodpeckers in the yard yet.

Boys playing well together

Swallowtail on Alstromeria

Swallowtail on Goatsbeard

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  1. Wonderful photos ! It is stiffling here with the humidity temps are tipping 105.8 ºF and no rain for a week and none so far in the future forcast . My gardens are holding as I try to keep them watered , the poor birds are fighting for the bird bath fountain here and are panting their heads off .


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