July 23, 2012

Indigo Bunting Success!!

I visited Sandy River Delta with two birder friends this morning. We had dreams of finding the Indigo Bunting, Yellow-breasted Chat, and Eastern Kingbirds. We got 2 out of 3.
I wish I could say I have tons of great photos, but it wasn't a very good photo day. Our target birds didn't let us get very close.
Indigo Bunting- what a blue!

Eastern Kingbird

A very tattered Swallowtail.

And another one that is missing some wing.

Pink and Purple- Spirea and Teasel

I really like how the Robin is the same colors as the leaves.
This nest was right next to our cars and out in the open,
but the colors are camouflaged.

Maybe Jen will post some photos of our walk this morning too. Fun birds with fun girlfriends!


  1. Yay, Success!! Love the Robin nest shots. Cool that we saw two nests! That bunting sure was blue. Wow, really really blue. I was hypnotized by the blue.

  2. Looks like you were walking in one of my favorite areas. I visit that dog park down in Troutdale often. I posted a photo last week of those same little purplish daisies. Great shots... I really love the birds nest one!

    Hope you can stop by and say hello at my blog!
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  3. Great shots though ! Sometimes they just don't want to strike a pose ! Have a great day !

  4. Awesome! You got a much better shot of the bunting than I did! Love all the flowers and the hawk taking off... I had a lot of fun with you guys, thanks again for letting me crash the birding party!

  5. Wooo! Nothing better than hunting for a bunting! At least if it's a male, then there's no confusion once you see it.

    So, when you saw the bird, did y'all go through the Princess Bride routine: "Hello, my name is Indigo Bunting, you killed my father...?"

  6. Really glad you posted the Indigo Bunting and Robin nest pix. I was the guy you encountered with camo'd scope & then pointed out the robin nest at the parking lot. You gals' photos are way better than mine!



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