July 27, 2012

Maggie In the Garden

A year ago I was looking at photos of a cute shaggy dog on the internet. A few days later she came to live with me. Maggie was shy and leary of the big yard. At first she would want to go back in the house even when I was in the garden. She would sit at the door and look out, but was most comfortable in the house. Finally this spring she claimed the garden and loves to be outside.

Veggies and flowers.
The weather hasn't been so hot to toast everything yet.

She often lays in the barkdust watching the birds come to the feeder.
Here I made her pose.

This morning she sat in the yard watching the trees for intruding squirrels.

This evening I was sitting in the grass photographing the garden and she came to
see what I was doing.

Maggie is kind of serious and doesn't really play, but
now and then I can get her to zip around.

One year later- we are two peas in a pod.


  1. Happy Anniversary! A year goes so quickly! She's such a cute pupster.

  2. Love the zipping around photos! What a great place she has to live in now.

  3. Wow it's been a year?!! I swear you just got her. Love all these photos- even if she's kind of a serious dog she certainly looks happy too. And your garden photos are all drool-worthy. I'm working on all the questions I will have for you about my future garden projects.

    P.s. My house status- they counter-offered yesterday but still want to use their title company. I accepted the price, but only if I can use my own choice of title company. My agent thinks they will accept. Fingers crossed!


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