July 10, 2012

North Coast Birding

I headed north first because low tide was around noon and I wanted to be back at Haystack Rock for that. I started the morning at a few stops in Seaside. It was cloudy, but soon the clouds broke up.

I broke my rule and tried to ID this gull. I like his smart orange bill.
Heermann's Gull?

Caspian Tern

Common Yellowthroat

Savannah Sparrows

Rufous Hummer

White-crowned Sparrow
 Next I drove up to Fort Stevens State Park. I walked a trail that was supposed to go to a wildlife viewing platform. There was no platform. Whatever. The walk produced more Swainson's Thrush than I have ever seen. I think these are juveniles who have not learned to be elusive like their parents.

I kept hearing Chickadees and fledglings. On the walk back I found this guy, knee high and three feet off the path.

Well hidden

Chestnut-backed Chickadee fledgling.
Look at that face!

A parent coming in to feed the little bugger.

Then he had enough of me and turned his back.
I love the stubby tail.
Next I drove to Cannon Beach. What was I thinking going to that place in the middle of summer?! I fought the crowds and went down to Haystack Rock anyhow.

Harlequin Ducks

Gull and BABIES!
Spotted head beasts!

Next stop- Cannon Beach Sewage Ponds. No luck with birds, but this was a great place for dragonflies.

Cardinal Meadowhawk


Eight-spotted Skimmer
There were more, but some don't perch for photos like these do. One final stop- Ecola State Park. Once again- too many people, so I just made a quick stop at the viewpoint.


  1. Yes on the Heermann's! Love those guys. That chickadee is ridiculously cute and pouty. Summer at the beach can be brutal- glad you survived!

  2. Oh wow--what great finds! That fledgling is ready for battle with that fierce face and war paint of his.

  3. Hello! I linked one of your projects to my blog. If it’s not ok with you, let me know and I will remove links and pics asap.

    Take care, alex

  4. You found tons! Nice chickie chick.


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