July 04, 2012

Steigerwald This Morning

It started it out a bit cloudy, but it all burned off really quickly. We arrived at the rufuge around 7:30am and it was perfect timing. Lots of singing birds and fun stuff.

Northern Harrier on the path

Hidden singing Common Yellowthroat

The resident Mute Swan-
Usually it is way out on the lake, but not this time.

Pileated Woodpecker WAY out there

How many times will you ever see these two hanging out together.
The Orioles must have had a nest nearby because they were not pleased with
the Osprey and kept dive-bombing him.

Best bird of the day- American Bittern!
Bittern eating something really yucky

Singing House Wren


  1. Wow, awesome birdie outing. Love the Osprey and Oriole together. And the American Bittern is always an awesome sighting. Great birds and wonderful photos.

  2. First of all, holy crap that is a huge fish that Osprey is eating. And second, holy crap an Osprey and an oriole on the same branch??? Crazy! Love that swan shot too. Great trip- Indigo shmindigo!

  3. I second Jen's comments...holy crap!

  4. Holy cow those photos are amazing!!! The swan looks porcelin and well I just can't say enough about ALL of the shots. You done good kid!!!!

  5. Wonderful photos! That osprey with the oriole photo is Great!


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