July 16, 2012


Last day of vacation. Sigh. Slept in and then drove up to Steigerwald. First bird out of the car was a Lazuli Bunting! I've never seen one there and I didn't even have my camera out yet. Looked around and couldn't find it again. Turns out an Indigo Bunting has been seen at Sandy River Delta. I wish I had known so I could go there to check it out. Always a day late....

But I love Steigerwald, just take your mosquito repellent if you go. They were hungry.

Three in a tree. I assume Northern Harriers.

This guy was singing his heart out.

I guess the legs aren't the good part?

Bittern were flying all over the place.

Can't figure out what these are. Any ideas?
I like their feathery antennae.



  1. Sorry your vacation is over!! You sure packed in a lot of stuff though. Hope you brought those frog legs home for dinner.

  2. Sigh, I know the feeling. Wish I had been with you to see those frisky bitterns!! You always get such good shots. See why I don't blog anymore?

    1. That is no excuse. You are such a good writer. Get that blog going again, lady!


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