July 13, 2012

Tillamook Bay Area Birding

6:30 am - Killin Wetlands

Blackbird breakfast

7:30am- Goodspeed Road, Tillamook
 Tillamook Bay Wetlands:::

Young American Robin

Young Song Sparrow

The "path" at Tillamook Bay Wetlands

What are you?

I would never have been able to find Tillamook Bay Wetlands if Jen hadn't emailed me excellent directions. I would have thought for sure I was on someone's private drive. Because it seems there is little written about this place, here are her directions: From Hwy 101, go west on Goodspeed Road.  Goodspeed Road feels a bit sketchy as you go past people's farms and it turns right sharply (though there's a road that goes straight and might seem like you should stay on it), then it turns left sharply and you will feel very certain you are about to drive up to someone's house.  Just keep going and park where you see the wetlands sign and a gate on the left.  The trail is thru the gate. To the right is someone's driveway and it is posted private.

The trails must not be maintained at this time. The grass was five feet tall and vines were growing into it. The trail appears to be a service road. I only walked as far as the Fish Hole. It wasn't very birdy today and the bush wacking/ slug dodging was getting tiresome. I have no doubt this will be great in the spring and fall. Berries are everywhere and will surely attract some birds when they ripen. Oh- and there were a lot of shotgun casings....hmm.

Jen posted about the wetlands in February. You can find her post here. I too found the place all to myself, which was nice.

Back on Goodspeed Rd, baby Barn Swallow
 Bay City- Pacific Oyster Plant::

Purple Martin

Bald Eagle!

Garibaldi- G is for Gulls

My favorite find of the day! Do you see him?

There were two Belted Kingfishers!!

Three Graces

Barview Park

North of Rockaway Beach area:::

Ha! Didn't even see the squirrel till I got home.
I thought I was aiming for a White-crowned Sparrow!

Was really wanting to see a White-tailed Kite. Stopped at the Nehalem Sewage Ponds, but nothing was going on there. In any case, I saw some cool stuff today.


  1. Haha I'm still laughing that you posted my directions. Seriously that is how people write directions here- you should see the ones I followed to get to the Rooster Rock burn near Sisters!

    Love the eagle shots and the squirrel-surprise in the sparrow shot.. You got some nice gulls in that crowd shot- lots of Californias (the yellow-legged ones) and at least one Western. Can't help much with the flycatcher despite my new name. Nice post!

  2. You found TWO KINGFISHERS. Why yes, I am going to cry myself to sleep.

    Beautiful shots and I love all the candid juveniles!

  3. Fantastic shots! Love the bald eagle and kingfishers:)


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