July 02, 2012

Tualatin Hills Nature Park

I live so close to this park, but rarely go there. I always enjoy walking around, but because it is wooded, it is hard for photography. Yesterday morning was drizzling rain, but not too bad for a walk.

Great weather for slugs and snails which were everywhere.

"Indian Pipe"

Marsh Skullcap

And the best for last! I heard a Western Tanager when I first walked this area, and I could see a male fluttering in the tree tops. I was surprised to see one in the valley this time of year. On the way back I listened again and hoped I'd see it to take some photos. Well I heard it and I also heard an unfamiliar sound. The tanager kept coming to a bush in front of me, but would leave really quick. I thought it was feeding on something in the bush. Finally I found where the odd sound was coming from. A wee tanager was tucked under a leaf umbrella:

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally got a bad photo
of the parent feeding the baby. Then the baby fluttered off to a higher perch
to escape my annoying camera.


  1. Wow a baby tanager! I thought they only nested higher up? Very cool to see, never seen a young one before.

    1. I'm pleased that I'm one up on you :) Although I almost drove to the couve for that bunting, but figured I'd hit rush hour.

  2. What a find! That rivals my hot park ranger sighting...

  3. The tanager is great! What a muppety chick it is....I never would have guessed Tanager without Mr Dad feeding it. Sweet. Your shots are lovely - that is such a picturesque park to wander in.


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