August 07, 2012

Air Show

If you live around here you probably thought my title was referring to the Oregon International Air Show that took place this weekend in Hillsboro. Instead, I enjoyed an Air Show in my own backyard.

The Rufous Hummers are back with a vengeance. Every August they show up and take over the garden. I had a hard time telling how many were out there the other evening, but at one point I thought I counted five. They are chasing each other all over the place and perching in their secret (or not so secret) spots to keep an eye on their flower patches.


  1. Lovely captures of the hummingbirds. THis is the kind of air show I would enjoy. Your flowers are gorgeous. Wonderful shots.

  2. Ha I totally thought you meant the one in Hillsboro. Great shots, that last one is so sweet.


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