August 26, 2012

Ridgefield This Evening

Is this a Black Phoebe?

Great Horned Owl (!!!!!!) on the trail to the blind.

This guy better hurry up and fledge so he can head south.

Green Heron- Notice the funky little feathers on his head?

I'm gonna guess Willow Flycatcher.

I saw so many nice birds that it almost made up for not seeing any Coyote. Maybe next time.


  1. Great photos, as always. I'm guessing Western Wood-Pewee for your mystery bird. Black Phoebes have a clear demarcation between the black breast and white belly.

  2. Neat shots, looks like a cool spot! I agree with Western Wood Pewee in lieu of Black Phoebe. Love that red-shouldered hawk shot

  3. Wow so many awesome birds! Congrats on the owl- you must have been psyched!! I've only seen one on that trail once and he was far away and then took off... Green Heron is a good score too. Isn't that a harrier in the one shot? What's this Red-shouldered Hawk business? Nice outing!


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