October 22, 2012

Garden Birds

People tell me they only want to feed little birds because big birds are mean.
 Um, this "little bird" looks kind of mean to me. This is the "Chickadee feeder" on this hook.

I have millions of Pine Siskins right now. Really. A million. They bathe together....

They line up to feed together (with their Goldfinch friends)....

And they hog the feeder together. Nobody else stands a chance.
Today is the end of my mini vacation. It was mostly rainy and kind of a bummer, but I had time to relax and watch the birds in my yard. Most of these photos were taken through the window. I'm up to 20 species for the month of October. If it gets colder maybe I'll get a few more.


  1. A great collection of your feeder and yard birds. Wonderful photos.

  2. 20 species for the month! That's awesome... I only have 21 for the whole year, haha. And holy crap I just looked at your Backyard Bird list for the first (I think)- 59!! Tell me your secrets!

    1. Oh you will have so much fun with your new place! I hope you keep a yard birds list on your blog so we can follow along and see what you get. Scrub Jay was my first bird here. Suburbia is so much better for birds than NoPo. I loved my little yard there, but I get way more birds here. It's all about the habitat. I'd love to say its just me and all my fab feeders though :)


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