October 19, 2012

Santiam Canyon to Breitenbush

Some Autumn cheer for Niagara County Park- Santiam River

Siskins at Detroit Lake Flats

Breitenbush River

Mineral Hot Springs

The Sauna

The day was almost a bust. Pouring rain and my massage was cancelled because the therapist was ill. I wanted to cry. Poor me. But luckily I have family in the area. They fixed me a nice lunch and hot tea afterwards. And I got some lovin' from my brother dog, Sammie.


  1. Lovely colors and beautiful scenery. The Siskins and thrush are pretty too. Happy Weekend!

  2. What beautiful fall photos. I so love a good walk through nature. Have a great weekend. Heather

  3. Ok so the massage cancellation is a bummer but what a pretty place! Gorgeous scenery, especially that wooden pathway and that Fox Sparrow is adorable.


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