October 28, 2012

Treasure Hunt

What does this Barn Owl have to do with a treasure hunt? Well the directions were great (thanks Jen!!) but I had to re-read them about 4 times to finally get it. I walked up and down the sidewalks, peering into trees and felt like an idiot. Then I went back to my car and read the info again and stared and the building and read it again and looked around and finally I tried one more area- off the sidewalk, walking on the lawn and there it was! I found my treasure! Sure glad I didn't attempt this during business hours. I only saw one, although four have been reported. I'm unable to tell if this guy is a juvenile. I looked at Rhett's photos, but his were taken last week and the juvies look pretty downy.

I left behind a piece to commemorate the moment.

At Insomnia Coffee Co. they were having a drawing.
More businesses should have bird ID drawings!
I was pretty excited about this and wanted everyone to know that
 I KNOW WHAT THIS BIRD IS! People didn't seem impressed.


  1. Haha Mystery Watefowl! Very funny, hope you win the free drink.

    I am terrible at giving directions in case you haven't noticed! I tend to ramble making things more confusing than necessary. I should have drawn a treasure map instead. SO glad you got to see one and get great photos too! Love the owl yarnbomb too!

  2. I LOVE the owl! I LOVE your blog banner and the yarn bombing you did! You are so cool! :) Happy Halloween!


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