November 19, 2012

New Photography

Yesterday I visited Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery. I drive by it frequently and have noticed the very old headstones and statues and I'm intrigued.  Looking around on Flickr, I see a lot of cemetery photography, some more tasteful than others.  I emailed a Flicker contact, liquidnight, who has posted many photos of Lone Fir Cemetery. She gave me some good info. Mostly I didn't want to disturb or upset anyone by taking photos. When I visited this cemetery, I stopped at the office which was closed and soon discovered that there was no one in sight and decided to drive the lanes. I was able to take some photos from the car and even get out a few places, but really it was too rainy. I hope to return again soon and explore some more. I think because of the historical nature of the cemetery, photography is common.

Parking Lot Crow
 And some garden shots:::


  1. There is just something about reading really old head stones , I have always done this I find it fascinating to read them from the past way back in the 1800s or farther ! I picture what it was like back then through the dates ! Sounds a bit morbid but I am weird lol . Wonderful photos . Have a good evening !

  2. I love doing pictures in cemeteries. They are peaceful, informative and usually have some of the best bird watching you can find because of the lack of people!

  3. Very cool photos! The last cemetery shot is my favorite- great leaf colors too.


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