November 25, 2012

North Coast Trip

Today I drove over to Fort Stevens to try to find a Snowy Owl that had been hanging around. I didn't have any luck (boo hoo!), but enjoyed a perfect day. Sunshine and blue skies in November! I'll show you the birds I saw in this post. First stop was Seaside where I enjoyed a bunch of Black Turnstones. I don't want to judge, but this first one appeared to be eating gull poop.

Someone had thrown out bread or something for the gulls and the Turnstones were eating the crumbs.


After Seaside I drove to Fort Stevens State Park. I was so happy I bought rubber boots for this expedition. I walked all over the place, wading through water up to my shins. I really wonder why I never wear rubber boots. They are the best invention and I plan to where them birding all the time now. No water will stand between me and my target species now!

Just gorgeous out there.

Some kind of sandpiper, right?

I'm gonna guess: Sanderling?

Scratch, scratch, scratching

Battery Russell
Instagram- Battery Russell

I walked around in the woods and found tons of mushrooms. Next post I'll show you all the cool fungi I photographed.


  1. Love the photobomb! Boo hoo, indeed. :/

  2. Love the photobomb! Boo hoo, indeed. :/

  3. Wow, Robin really loved that photobomb and that's what I was going to say too! Also, back in December 2005 when I bought the Outback, my first journey was out to Ft Stevens to see the 6 owls out there. I just sat in my car and watched them from the lot! Oh, and then my battery died. But the owls were great! Funny that after last year's big invasion we're already seeing more this year. Or maybe it's just the one. We'll have to keep track! Oh, and I liked your realization about rubber boots. I know why I don't wear support. But you're cuter than me!

  4. Haha, yep the photobomb is hilarious. Rubber boots are awesome- I bought my first pair last year and am not sure how I survived without them. Seriously, even just for yard work on yucky days. I think your sandpipers are Dunlin and yes on the Sanderling. Sorry about the owl, but hopefully more will turn up. I did manage to buy a car yesterday! Now I'm ready if another one appears.

  5. I always forget my rubber boots and yesterday while walking was thinking the same thing - although I wouldn't have walked as far in them I am sure. Fingers crossed you find the snowy owl at some point but regardles you have some wonderful shots there!

  6. Beautiful photos. Sunny days at the coast in winter are such a treat. I love the Black Turnstones, and that driftwood looked like just the spot for an owl. Hopefully there will be more to see this winter. The only thing better than rubber boots are the neoprene-lined rubber boots by BOGS. So squishy and comfortable!


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