December 30, 2012


8.97". That's the Portland, Oregon rainfall this month. Needless to say I'm glad to see the sunshine today! I took a lot of Mt. Hood photos today. The first ones were taken around 10am at Jonsrud Viewpoint in Sandy. It was frosty cold and I got some macro shots of the frost and lichens. I later stopped at 3pm and found the fog was gone and I could see the Sandy River. I managed to arrive at Pittock Mansion just in time for sunset. The first photo was taken at 4:31 and the sun was no longer on the mountain by 4:33. In the middle I stopped for a little hike in the woods. Looks like the next few days will remain sunny and I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Did you find a turtle to bomb?

    1. Ha ha! I need me a lil turtle.

  2. Those shots of Mount Hood are AMAZING! What fabulous light - you timed it just right and I'm glad you all are FINALLY getting a break from the rain!

  3. Awesome post- looks like you had quite the adventures yesterday! And I want to see this turtle bomb y'all are talkin bout.


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