December 02, 2012

Vancouver Lake- Ridgefield NWR

I thought I'd drive up to Ridgefield today, but this morning the sun was shining so I decided to check out a new place and walk around a bit. I have never explored the Shillapoo Wildlife Area or Frenchman's Bar so I thought I'd go up that way. As it turns out I never really made it to either place. I parked on the east side of Shillapoo and walked through the county land (no hunters), then walked a trail to Vancouver Lake park and looped around. Looks like I was near Buckmire Slough, according to google maps.

The sunshine and light was amazing and I had a great time exploring.

Three pheasant that were always just out of my reach were the highlight!

Amazing camouflage

Five Northern Flickers pecking in the grass- three in this photo
Next I drove up to Ridgefield. It was a disappointment in comparison, but after reviewing the photos I decided it wasn't so bad afterall.

I didn't even see this Red-tail Hawk perched in the tree, but the car in front of me slowed to look. When they pulled forward I got the best view of all the action.


It was windy


  1. Oh nice! I always like birding Vancouver, no matter what the cool kids call it. Across from Frenchman's Bar Park is a pheasant-release site so that area is pretty good for them- I always tell them to run for their lives. I think that's a Rough-legged but I am not 100%- that breast band makes me think Red-tailed but these buggers have so much variation. Nice Red-tailed hunt and windy heron shots...

  2. Fantastic photos ! Isn't it just wonderful to get out there and just get lost in taking photos of all that beauty !

  3. I so enjoy joining you in your travels. Your photos are fabulous!

  4. So the hawk on my blog I think is the same as your possible Rough-legged. And seeing mine in flight I'm even less sure about it being RL, but am seeking second opinions. Hopefully I'll get it sorted.


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