January 13, 2013

Frosty Day

It's been really cold here. It was dark and cloudy this morning, but I took some backyard photos.

I arranged to meet up with two of my favorite birder girls, Jen and Laura. We wanted to go see the Ovenbird everyone is reporting. This NE Portland backyard was a happening place with great birds and many birders.

And the star of the show...

Such a friendly little guy. He moved all over the small yard and we got lots of nice views of him. What a treat!


  1. I checked their range maps more closely and it does look like the Varied Thrush and Ovenbird should never be found in the same yard. I hope someone got a shot with both in the frame.

  2. Beautiful birds and wonderful photos.

  3. Awesome! That was definitely a fun little excursion- still can't believe how easy it was to find!

  4. How fun! Such colorful birds and that hummer looks COLD! :) What a fun backyard to go visit and get such great shots of all of their birds.


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