February 04, 2013

Ridgefield Today

Not exactly sunny, but it was a bit brighter than yesterday.

 A Kestral was at the entrance. He flew down for a worm. Seemed like a lot of intense hunting for a worm!

My favorite bird of the day. White-breasted Nuthatches always put on a good show.

I kept hearing a lot of tree frogs calling. In fact, I have one right outside by bedroom window that has been making a lot of noise. He sounds like he is in my bedroom, but I love to hear him. I could hear one around this tree so I scanned it with my binoculars and I found it! Can you see him?

How about now? I was excited to see him all puffed up!

Maggie was on the look out for coyotes, although we didn't see any this time.

Finally, I think this deserves a caption contest. What do you think those ladies are saying?


  1. OMG, just look at that ass!

    Weird about the kestrel eating a worm. Never seen that before. Maybe he's just a really terrible hunter?

    I have NEVER found a frog when I was actually looking for one. Very cute.

  2. My guess is they are talking about the him ahead of them....like giggling teenage girls! Nice photos all of them and the captures of the nuthatch are great, they can be hard to get still for long.


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