March 10, 2013


I stopped at Force Lake and then headed over to Smith-Bybee Lakes this morning. Seemed a little quiet, but I think my favorite bird of the day was that Marsh Wren singing. Last year Marsh Wrens were building a nest in the same location that this one was singing. I think I'll name that spot Marsh Wren Corner.


  1. The Ruddy Ducks are getting ruddier!

  2. When I saw your Instagram photo this morning I KNEW it was Smith & Bybee! I don't think I've seen a Marsh Wren nest- do they nest in the grass? Also that is one of the best creeper shots ever!

  3. Marsh Wren Corner I like it! I bet the sound was just music to ears....I'm so anxious to really start hearing birds singing again in the mornings (will be a while now again with the stupid time change).


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