March 26, 2013

Ridgefield Yesterday

Started the morning at the Carty Unit walking trail...

It looks like this Barn Owl met it's demise the night before. Everything looked very fresh.

Then we drove the River S Unit. We stopped at the blind and had fun discovering tree frogs in nooks and crannies.


  1. Beautiful photos ! Your weather is a head of us here but our spring is slowly making an appearance , thinks are popping up from the ground , buds are on the trees and bushes, critters are all out and about and the song birds have arrived and singing their hearts out ! Thanks for sharing such beauty. Have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  2. Damn you are good at finding frogs!! Share your secrets please! That barn owl is crazy, the work of a Great Horned or something else?

    1. Probably GH Owl killed it. Seems likely. My secret frog-finding skillz can not be revealed.


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